Bangalore to Alleppey Cab

Embarking on an Alleppey tour with a private cab from Bangalore Ride is not just a journey through landscapes but a transcendental experience that immerses you in the rhythm of backwaters, the melody of coconut trees, and the soulful whispers of a town deeply rooted in tradition.

Away from the conventional sightseeing, the essence of Alleppey lies in the hidden alleys of its villages. Step into the local markets, where the aroma of spices and the vibrant colors of fresh produce awaken your senses. Engage with the warm smiles of locals, and let the market’s heartbeat resonate with the pulse of everyday life in Alleppey, a must visit destination in Kerala.

Alleppey’s charm isn’t just in the grandeur of architectural wonders but in the simplicity of its people. Consider a homestay experience, where every meal becomes a communion of flavors and every conversation, a portal into the rich tales of Kerala’s history and heritage.

For a different perspective, glide through the backwaters in a slender canoe or kayak. It’s not just about the destination; it’s all about the journey – the quiet exploration of hidden nooks and crannies, the discovery of secluded corners where time stands still, and the connection with nature is in its purest form.

An Alleppey tour with Bangalore to Alleppey Cab Rental from Bangalore Ride is not a checklist of landmarks; it’s a celebration of the unhurried moments, the unplanned detours, and the genuine connections with a place that goes beyond postcard-perfect snapshots. It’s an odyssey that unfolds in the whispers of palm leaves, the echo of traditional songs, and the timeless embrace of a town that invites you to be part of its story.

Traffic Information on Bangalore to Alleppey Road Trip

The preferred route takes you through a mix of highways and picturesque roads, offering a delightful experience for road-trippers. You start your journey from Bengaluru in a cozy cab from Bangalore Ride and head south on NH44 towards Hosur. Continue on NH44, passing through numerous areas, following the signs for Coimbatore. 

After reaching Coimbatore, connect to NH544, leading to Palakkad and Thrissur in Kerala. From Thrissur, take NH66 towards Kochi and continue until you reach Alleppey. It covers a total distance of 550 km and takes around 10 to 12 hours to be there at the desired destination.

Speaking of the alternate routes, the first option is via Mysuru and the second option is via Ooty. It would be worth noting that the alternatives may add extra kms to your journey, but they offer diverse landscapes and attractions for those seeking a more exploratory road trip experience.

Must Visit Stops and Detours on your Bangalore to Alleppey Road Trip

Alappuzha Beach

A picturesque beach with golden sands and a 150-year-old pier, Alappuzha Beach is a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or to witness a stunning sunset. The beach is also home to various festivals and events. Make sure to explore it whenever you’re traveling with Bangalore Ride.

Punnamada Lake

Famous for hosting the annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Punnamada Lake is one of the largest lakes in Kerala. The tranquil waters and scenic surroundings make it a delightful destination for boat races and leisurely cruises. You can spend some quality time with your dear ones away from the madding crowd.

Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple is an ancient pilgrimage site that is renowned for its unique ‘Palpayasam,’ a sweet pudding offered to the deity. The temple’s architecture and religious significance attract both devotees and tourists.

Champakulam Church

Known as one of the oldest churches in Kerala, St. Mary’s Syro-Malabar Catholic Church in Champakulam dates back to the 9th century. The annual fest, known as the Champakulam Moolam Boat Race, adds a festive touch.

What to do on your Bangalore to Alleppey Road Trip?

In Alleppey, you will find a host of immersive and offbeat experiences that allow you to delve deeper into the local culture and natural beauty. These include canoeing through backwaters, cycling, kayaking, bird watching, and art workshops. You can also join a toddy topping experience to learn more about collecting sap from coconut trees and sample toddy, a mildly alcoholic beverage.

What to Shop in Alleppey?

Shopping in Alleppey is a delightful experience that allows visitors to take home a piece of Kerala’s vibrant culture and craftsmanship. From traditional handwoven textiles to intricate handicrafts, you can buy the things you like the most. Remember to explore multiple shops before making a purchase, as each might offer a unique selection and prices can vary.

Where to Stay in Alleppey?

Coming to the accommodation, Alleppey offers a range of options to address the varied needs of people. So, whether you’re looking for a luxurious stay in a houseboat or a cozy homestay, this tiny hamlet has something for everyone. One can also choose to enjoy a staycation in resorts, hotels, guesthouses, backwater resorts, and ayurvedic resorts to make the most of their time with a Bangalore to Alleppey Car Rental from Bangalore Ride.

Best Time to Visit Alleppey

Winter, which starts in October and continues until February, is the most popular time to visit Alleppey. During these months, the weather is cool and dry, with temperatures ranging from 17°C to 32°C. The humidity level is relatively low, and the skies are clear at this time of the year, making it ideal for exploring the backwaters, enjoying houseboat cruises, and engaging in various outdoor activities. This season is also the time for major festivals and cultural events in Alleppey. Despite the season you plan your getaway to Alleppey, we at Bangalore Ride promise to deliver the best experience that exceeds your expectations every time.

The Bangalore to Alleppey road trip in a safe and well maintained cab from Bangalore Ride is not just a physical journey; it’s a celebration of the diversity and richness that Southern India unfolds. The memories collected along the way, the flavors tasted, and the landscapes absorbed are not just souvenirs but an integral part of a narrative that will resonate long after the road trip concludes. As you bid farewell to the road, you carry with you the essence of the journey – a treasure trove of experiences that enrich the travelers soul.